Endowments and Funds

Endowments and Funds at Temple Israel

 Endowments (three types):

 1) Special Purpose Endowment:

  • Minimum to establish: $10,000
  • Minimum future contribution: $18
  • Purpose: Determined by donor with vote of Temple Board required to accept gift for designated purpose
  • Restrictions: Whatever is agreed upon by donor and board at the time that the gift is accepted

2) Donor Election Endowment:

  • Minimum to establish: $4,000
  • Minimum future contribution: $18
  • Purpose: Donor chooses from one of 6 board-designated categories or unrestricted:
    • Administration
    • Leadership Development
    • Music
    • Programming
    • Religious School
    • Youth
    • Unrestricted Purpose
  • Restriction: Used for the purpose designated as a means to relieve the pressure on the operating budget

3) General Endowment:

  • Minimum to establish: $1,000
  • Minimum future contribution: $18
  • Purpose: General Operating
  • Restriction: Board directed; no special purpose designation permitted


Bezalel Society for Capital Improvements

  • Minimum to join: $7500
  • Minimum future contribution: $10
  • Purpose: Maintaining and improving the Temple building and grounds, furnishings, fixtures, and decorating.  Individual gifts and monies from the Beautification Fund, Capital Improvement Fund, Foundation Fund and ORFMAC Fund were merged to form this restrictive Fund.
  • Restrictions: As noted in the purpose

Temple Established by the Temple Board (including an initial amount to fund same)

  • Minimum contribution: $10
  • Purpose: Board designated
  • Restriction: Purpose designated by the Board

Temple Israel Endowments

GENERAL ENDOWMENTS: $1,000 minimum gift to establish; $18 minimum additional contribution

  • Helene and Leon Albert Family Endowment
  • William Altman Trust Endowment
  • Art Family Endowment
  • Alan B. and Estelle Wilkof Blau Endowment
  • Judith Elsa Blau Endowment
  • Maxine Bloom Education Endowment
  • Sadye and Ann Bobrof Endowment
  • Isadore Browarsky Endowment
  • Theodore Burstein Endowment
  • Diamond Family Endowment
  • Gertrude Soule Drebin Endowment
  • Ben and Ruth Dreyer Endowment
  • Samuel J. and DeEtte R. Dreyer Endowment
  • Stanley and Jeri Eigner Endowment
  • Martin & Marilyn Evenchik Endowment
  • Samuel and Tillie Feiman Memorial Endowment
  • David A. Fettman Endowment
  • Jerome Fladen Memorial Endowment
  • Louis J. and Betty H. Friedman Family Endowment
  • Harry Gordon Endowment
  • Fanny and David Green Endowment
  • William B. Harmon and Lottie C. Harmon Endowment
  • Ralph and Ruth Heller Endowment
  • Richard L. Henning Endowment
  • Florence and Milton Hirschheimer Memorial Endowment
  • Reuben F. Jacobson Endowment
  • Richard Jacobson Memorial Endowment
  • Rabbi Charles and Sylvia Latz Endowment
  • Arthur and Dorothy Lavin Endowment
  • Carl and Audrey Lavin Endowment
  • Celia and William L. Lavin Endowment
  • Leb Family Endowment
  • Joseph J. and Bess S. Leven Endowment
  • Abraham E. and Mina Levie Endowment
  • Miriam and David Livingston Endowment
  • Joseph M. and Hilda I. Love Endowment
  • Herbert and Edith Marks Foundation Endowment
  • Louis R. and Minna S. Myers Family Endowment
  • Narens Family Endowment
  • Ruth L. Nupuf Endowment
  • Naomi and John Rapport Family Endowment
  • Clarice and Dan Reines Endowment
  • Frances Rosenblum Endowment
  • Caesar and Kaete Saul Endowment
  • Janet and Edward Schuman Family Endowment
  • Frances and Samuel Shapiro Endowment
  • Sirak Family Endowment
  • Malvina Spitzer Endowment
  • Stein Family Endowment
  • Samuel J. and Minna Adolph Stone Endowment
  • Temple Israel General Endowment
  • Charles Wolk Endowment
  • Zellinger Family Endowment
  • Alfred Ziff Endowment

DONOR ELECTION ENDOWMENTS: $4,000 minimum gift to establish; $18 minimum additional contribution

Religious School Endowments:

  • Rosalind and Benjamin Bagan Religious School
  • Gertrude and Harold Drebin Religious School Education
  • Lipson-Henkin Family Education
  • Lockshin-Goldenfeld Religious School
  • Temple Israel Brotherhood Religious School
  • Samuel and Esther Winston

Music Endowments:

  • Gwen Corbitt
  • Rabbi Paul and Dorothy Gorin Shabbat Music

Lay Leadership Development Endowments:

  • Simon Tamny Youth Leadership Development
  • Ernest and Gusta Valentine Leadership Development

Programming Endowments:

  • Marcia Berke Festival
  • Eldy S. Gross Jr. and Nathan and Ida Ross Mazon
  • Arlene Knell Memorial Program

Youth Endowment:

  • Robert and Shelley Schweitzer Temple Youth Group

Administrative Services Endowments:

  • Robert and Roberta Cohen Roberta’s Network
  • Jacob and Blema Finesman Family

 Other Endowments:

  • Edward & Janet S. Diamond Senior Enhancement
  • Sheldon Fantle
  • Frank and Barbara Fleischer Caring Committee
  • Marty & Dottie Jacobson
  • Dan and Clarice Reines Prayer Book
  • Frank and Saragale Weinstock

Special Purpose Endowments: $10,000 minimum gift to establish; $18 minimum additional gift

Special Purpose Endowments for Religious School Education

  • Atleson/Laden Family Religious School Endowment
  • Miriam (Mimi) S. Cohen Religious School Scholarship Endowment
  • Cecilia Rosenblum Gross Religious School Scholarship Endowment
  • Sylvia S. Levie Religious Education Endowment
  • Bilha Ron Religious School Endowment

Special Purpose Endowments for Youth

  • Elisabeth Bertman Memorial Youth Endowment
  • Denise G. Luntz Jewish Futures Award

Special Purpose Endowments for Supplemental Funds for Rabbi

  • The Livingston, Lottman and Narens Temple Israel Rabbinic Chair Endowment

Special Purpose Endowments for Temple Israel Programming

  • Blanche K. Feiman Kallah Endowment
  • Janet Fisher Liturgical Arts Endowment
  • Paul and Mary Heller Endowment
  • Gladys and Sanford S. Lazarus Memorial Endowment
  • for the Arts
  • Manheim Family Endowment
  • Anne and Harry Mestel Endowment
  • Edith and Maurice Kline Foundation for Senior Programming

Funds to assist the Temple Budget

  • Fannie Pinkus Brack and Otto E. Brack Endowment

Funds for Alliance Jewish Cemetery; Overage for Temple Budget

  • Harry and Mollie E. Cohen Special Purpose Endowment
  • Erlanger Family Temple Yearbook Endowment
  • Donald and Mildred Stein High Holidays Endowment
  • Milton Lottman Community Involvement Endowment
  • Martha & Milton Lottman Endowment
  • Sandra Miller Endowment
  • Vaisler-Barat Gemilut Chesed Fund
  • Temple Israel Sisterhood Special Purpose Endowment
  • Rabbi John H. Spitzer Endowment for Social Justice

Bezalel Society

The Bezalel Society Fund for Capital Needs was established as a Temple Israel Restricted Fund for the purpose of maintaining and improving the Temple building and grounds. Monies from the Beautification Fund, Capital Improvement Fund, Foundation Fund and ORFMAC Fund were merged together to form this restricted fund.  Members of the Society make a minimum donation of $7,500 to be listed in the society.  Additional contributions may be made to the fund for a minimum of $10.00.

Bezalel Society Members:   

Gwen Corbitt | Florence Emerman | Eric and Susan Grossman | Leonard Laden

OTHER TEMPLE ISRAEL RESTRICTED FUNDS:  Contributions can be made to Temple Israel Restricted Funds for happy occasions, for the recovery of a person who has been ill, or in memory or appreciation of someone. Contributions are a minimum of $10.00.  The funds included in this list are:

  • Bilha Ron Religious School Enrichment Fund
  • Cemetery Fund
  • Community Relations Fund
  • Fine Arts Fund
  • Floral Fund
  • Kiddush Fund
  • Naomi and Arthur Freedman Fund
  • Mazon Fund
  • Memorial Board Recognition Fund
  • Memorial Prayer Book Fund; $20 minimum gift
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Endowments and funds have been established over the years to support a need within the congregation.

We appreciate all who have established or contributed to Temple Endowments and Funds. For information on how to establish an endowment, please contact the Temple office at 330-455-5197 or office@templeisraelcanton.org, or contact the Temple president.