Healing Prayers

Temple Israel invites you to inform us of the name(s) of loved ones who are facing the challenge of illness, that we may support them, and you, by inclusion in our Mi Shebeirach (prayer of healing.)  The prayer includes pleas for both physical and spiritual healing within the community of others facing illness.  Temple Israel recites the Mi Shebeirach at each Shabbat evening service.

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Mi shebeirach avoteinu v’imoteinu Avraham, Yitzhak, v’Ya-akov, Sarah, Rivke, Rachel, v’Leah, hu y’vareich virapei et hacholim ha-eileh.  Hakadosh baruch hu yimalei rachamim aleihem.  V’yishlach lahem bimheirah r’fu-ah sh’leimah vizman kariv, v’nomar Amen.

Our God and God of our ancestors, at times of illness and pain, we turn to You for comfort, help and strength.  We thank You for the gift of life, and for the wonder of the human body, mind and spirit.  May all of these people find courage in the days ahead.  May those who devote their lives to healing others find skill and wisdom as they labor to speed their recovery.  May the knowledge of Your love comfort those who are in need, by renewing their strength.  Be with all who suffer in body or mind; may they speedily recover and return in health and happiness to the warmth of home, family and friends.

Baruch Atah Adonai, rofei cholei amo Yisrael.

We praise You, O God, for the healing powers that You have implanted within every living being.  Blessed are You, O God, the source of strength and healing.  Amen.