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For those that are comfortable reconvening in person, we are pleased to make available limited opportunities for worship and study.

All worship services will continue to be available via livestreaming – anyone who is not entirely comfortable being back together in person is encouraged to take advantage of the technology that is available to us all.


Our Plans

Beginning Friday, June 4, 2021

  • Shabbat evening in person and livestreaming from the large prayer space via YouTube
  • Advanced sign-up required for in-person participation
  • In-person attendance limited to 60 people
  • Sign-ups open each week beginning Sunday, closing Thursday, with reservations confirmed Friday morning
  • Only those whose sign-up has been confirmed will be admitted each week
  • Sign-up at  
  • You may also sign-up by calling Lori at the Temple office – 330.455.5197.

Beginning Saturday, June 5, 2021

  • Stollen Moments Torah Study will meet in person either in the library or outside (weather-permitting)
  • In-person attendance limited to 20 people
  • No advanced sign-up required

Additional outside programming may be offered at Beit Ha’am and other locations – more information to come.


What You Need to Know

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home
  • Entrance is only through the main doors to the lobby that leads directly to the large prayer space
  • Masks are required inside the building
  • Frequent handwashing and use of sanitizer is strongly encouraged
  • Please refrain from physical contact with each other
  • Socializing inside the building is discouraged, and everyone is encouraged to go directly to the large prayer space to choose and remain in their seats
  • Seats will not be assigned
  • Inside the large prayer space, members of the same household may sit together without separation
  • Households should have at least 2 seats and 1 row between them
  • During the service, the service leaders will be on the raised bimah, at physically separated podiums, and masked unless speaking or solo singing
  • Congregants are encouraged to limit singing while inside (group singing poses a greater risk than many other activities)
  • There will be no Oneg Shabbat (food/drink) until further notice
  • Police officers will be present to ensure the safety of everyone at the building


Why This and Why Now?

These summer procedures are intended, in part, to help us prepare for the High Holy Days. As we learn how best to balance the needs and wishes of our community members responsibly and equitably, we will make adjustments. Fewer people in the building over the summer will help to determine how to manage larger groups on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.