Social Justice



The Guatemalan Community. We are helping the community in Tuscarawas County with basic needs.  If you are inclined to make a donation, please visit and note that it is to support the work in the Guatemalan community.

Legal Assistance. If you are able to offer pro bono or reduced rates for legal assistance with immigration cases, please contact Rabbi Komerofsky.


Make sure you are registered to vote. Visit the Secretary of State website at

Social Justice Alliance – Established 2019

The Temple Israel Social Justice Alliance was formed June 25, 2019 by Judy Tenenbaum, Joan Ortman, Debbie Sinopoli, and Shelley Schweitzer, after attending the Consultation on Conscience in Washington D.C., sponsored by the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism.  The purpose of the Social Justice Alliance is to address and support social justice issues that are important to us as Reform Jews.

At our first meeting, three Legislative and Policy Priorities were selected by the group of 35 Temple Israel members.  The attendees then split into the three groups to form the SJA sub-committees.  Each group held their own meetings and put together action plans that included education as well as advocacy.  Some of the highlights during the first year:

  1. Women’s Equality and Reproductive Rights – Chaired by Courtney Johnson-Benson
    • July 31 – Melanie Anderson, Speaker for Domestic Violence.
    • August 26 – Lauren Blauvelt-Copelin, Planned Parenthood Speaker, provided updates on Legislative bills and their importance.


  1. Immigration – Chaired by Barb Ferne and Rita Schaner
    • August 11 – Temple Israel members participated in “Close the Camps” vigil in Cleveland.
    • November 3-10 – Travelling Suitcase.
    • January 24 – Shabbat speaker Brad Ortman, Immigration attorney.
    • June 15 – Interfaith Exchange on Immigration “Guatemalans in our Midst: Greeting Our Neighbors with Cultural Awareness”


  1. Preventing Gun Violence – Supported by Joan Ortman and Rabbi John Spitzer
    • September 29-30 – Collected signatures on petition to close gun sale loop holes, 148 signatures were collected.
    • November 6, 13, & 19 – Attended gun violence programs at Walsh University
    • December 3 – Gun Violence follow up meeting sponsored by Temple Israel and Coming Together Stark County.

The committee also sponsored a visit from Rabbi Lindsey Danzinger from RAC Ohio, who lead a Shabbat service and discussed Social Justice.