Tikkun (Social Action)

Reform Judaism places a high value on participation in working to make the world a better place.  Tikkun Olam or “repairing the world” is considered a part of the soul of Temple Israel.  We urge every member to participate in some aspect of Tikkun Olam.  Some of our current projects are:

Gan Bracha—Community Garden

Beginning in 2013, crops are planted, maintained and harvested with the fruit of this effort going to support Community Harvest’s food program.  Volunteers take one week and do the work necessary in the garden from planting to weeding to harvesting.

Urban Ark Meals

At least twice a year, Easter Sunday and the Sunday before Christmas, Temple Israel serves a meal at the Urban Ark.  Volunteers help prepare and serve the meals, as well as speak with the clients who are served nutritional and delicious meals.

Shoebox Project

The effort supports the Canton Domestic Violence Center by supplying shoeboxes full of supplies that are necessary for adults and children and easily transportable from one location to another.